Future Projects

The Sustainable Valley Group
“Outlook 2013”

We are excited about building on our many success’ from 2012. Looking to the new year; SVG is committed to completing the 30 Island Street facility, moving in our tenants and producing sustainable jobs for our local economy.

Some of our other projects we have been working on include:

Bio-Fuel Production- SVG has been in negotiations with multiple investors, farmers and industry people to bring a bio-fuel business to our area. We hope to be in some form of production by years end.
Local Food System- We are working with with the Windham Farm and Food Network, and collaborating with food-hub folks in the Cheshire County, NH, Franklin County, MA and Windham County, VT who are all developing local systems and exploring joint ventures.. SVG’s lead on the project is our ED Gary Fox.
Single Sort Recycling- SVG has been working with a solid waste company in conjunction with the GMRR to build a facility in the on the old SteamTown property. This is another complex plan that will require a regional solid waste plan on both sides of the river in order to make the facility profitable. Hal Wilkins is the point contact for SVG.
Kayak Center/Natural Preserve- SVG is in process of securing a 3+ acre property along the mouth of the Williams River where it joins the Herricks Cove property. We plan on offering Kayak rentals, lessons, tours, fishing guide services and more! We will be making an application to the local Zoning Board. Additional future plans may involve camping sites and a large pavilion to host events.

SVG will continue to follow its core mission of facilitating our local green economy. We have many other projects coming in the pipeline and will be making our progress known as these developments move forward. We will continue to work with State, local and regional development groups and governments. We will continue to aggressively pursue new opportunities and invite all who share our vision to please join us!


Student & Adult Educational Opportunities With SVG

1) Establish “Student Tour” to include Power Plant (TransCanada), Petroglyphs, 30 Island St, 33 Bridge St business’, Rail Yard, Our Place Community Kitchen, Grist Mill (Historic Society) & More!

2) Continue educational relationship with the Compass School. Increase exchange with local High Schools (BF, Fall Mt., Green Mt, Bratt). Possibilities include “Summer Intern Programs” with SVG and or related enterprises. Enable and encourage “Senior Projects” to be focused on local issues, help students by exposing them to as many topics as possible. Sustainability is a large topic and it should have something for every young mind to find interesting!

3) Work to establish a “SVG Scholarship Fund” to help deserving area students afford their secondary education. Focus on students looking to study in related fields.

4) Seek collaboration with the Historical Society, Nature Museum, Conservation Commision, 350.org, GMP, TransCanada & others. Helping establish our community as a model for 21st Century progress by supporting events, speakers, book tours and other sustainable public functions.