Sustainability Education

Green Island will help deliver a sustainable local economy through education, job expansion and sustainable business development.

Through our Green Island Project we have renovated an historic building at 30 Island Street in Bellows Falls Vermont. This business incubator building will house 4 new tenants.

1. With a focus on renewable thermal energy, tenant Rreal Warm will produce solar powered space heaters at an affordable price enabling local residents to lower their energy consumption and save on heating bills.

2. Bellows Falls Community Bike Project will create a place where people can come and learn the skills of bicycle repair and maintenance. Bikes will be for sale and for rent at a low cost encouraging people to bike more and drive less.

3. SEVCA Textile Recycling will recycle old clothes, cloth and leather materials reducing waste that enters the landfills.

4. Green Island Bio-fuels will set up in 30 Island St. office space and begin work on re-establishing industry relationships and planning a production facility.

During the renovation project SVG was able to meet its mission of education through hands on training, while significantly reducing the price of construction with the assistance of Creative Work Force Solutions and the Department of Corrections Vermont Offender Work Program. The dual benefit of saving money (cost reduction?) and providing job training is an example how Green Island project is meeting the challenges of the New Economy (or New Normal)